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Online Games.

This page contains brief about online games. Online games are one among the state of the art technologies of present era and are played by users or players by using internet. Online games can be played by a single user and there can be multi players too. Players from all over the world can play online games with or against each other. They are so popular that according to a web site ‘http://www.trendsspotting.com’, “One out of four online users is online game player”.


“Synthetic worlds” is a very informative book regarding online-games. Written by Edward Castronava and published in 2005 by ‘The University of Chicago Press,Ltd’. In first part of this book, the writer introduces the technology that how online-game industry works and what is it in fact. Book tells that how synthetic world is affecting real life of people who play online-games and what can be the impact of it on real world too. Second part of book is helpful to know the distinction between real and virtual worlds. This difference is explained by talking about three areas which are markets, politics (specifically the politics of fairness) and law related to virtual world. This part talks about the behaviour of users who have started thinking that there is not much difference between online and offline activities but at same time the writer also tries to explain the difference between both real and virtual. Third and last part is about implications of online-games as new technology, the writer has criticised implications of the online-games industry.

Massively multiplayer Online-role playing Games R.V. KELLY 2

“Massively multiplayer online-role playing games” indeed is a very interesting book. Any reader who reads this book will find it interesting because of excellent way of writing by the writer about (MMORPG). Writer has discussed about a particular culture of online world and slang language built by players. This book tells about people playing multiplayer online games that how their personal lives are being affected. Writer mentioned about few cases where people lost their lives only because of playing online –role playing games. According to the book there is a different universe of online role-playing games. Difference between MMORPG and ordinary games is also explained in the book. Writer has also tried to concentrate on the impact of online role-playing games on TV programmes, that how online games are affecting TV programme ratings. And TV stations are competing online games by showing game shows where people play games physically. Writer also elaborated all negative impacts of MMORPG and he supports his argument by mentioning facts and history.

Career Building through interactive online games

Tile of the book “Career building through interactive online games” written by “Meg Swaine” clearly explains content inside this book. This book is fruitful for those who are interested to build their career in the field of online games. History and background of games is given and most importantly transaction from normal video games to online games. Writer also talks about last decade in which both game players and developers had new experiences in the result of drastic development and improvement in the field of online game industry. Vital role of personal computers is mentioned and it is explained in the book what is the difference between online and normal video games. A very interesting fact regarding parents point of view about online games played by children is mentioned which says “sixty one percent of parents think that video games are positive part of their children”. It is also important to understand the nature of business associated to online game industry so writer has also written about the way online game industry is affecting video game companies such as Electronic Arts and Nintendo. Book also tells about different platforms where game developers can show their talent and can learn too.

Innovation and strategy of online games-Jong H Wi

This book is categorised in seven different but inter linked chapters which include innovation in game industry, business models and strategy of Korean online games. Writer has given a complete package to readers about online game industry. Jong H.WI who wrote this book has also written few other books related to game industry before and “Innovation and strategy of online games” is one of the best books related to online games industry. In depth history of online games is written and origin of games is mentioned in the book that how online games took birth. Book is full of tables and graphs which show facts and figures about gaming industry. Importance of Korea in this field is stated and supported by the help of facts from history and present. This book is also helpful to understand a process through which business is being run by online game industry. Difference between online and offline game industry is explained by writing about product attribute. Pay plan of online game industry is also part of this book.

Play between Worlds- TL Taylor

“Play between Worlds” by T.L. Taylor is an impressive writing peace about online-game industry and community of online-games. In this book writer has shared his personal experience about events which are coordinated to provide a platform to people related to the industry. “Play between Worlds” can be helpful for research students because writer has discussed about his own research which he did regarding online game industry. Information about impact of online-games on real life of players is also available in this book. Writer has done a case study on one of the world’s famous MMOGs known as “Ever Quest”. Terms relevant to online industry like PvP(player versus player), PvE(player versus environment and NPC(non player-character can be learnt after reading this book. Many social aspects which are inter related with “Ever Quest” and players are also mentioned that how online players have to trust each other while playing this game.

Communities of Play- Celia Pearce and Artemesia

Celia Pearce and Artemesia wrote this book. Pearce herself is a game developer so she has an ample knowledge about online games and virtual world. In this book writer has discussed about virtual world in online games. She has explained the impact from cultures on virtual world of online games by game players from different parts of the world. She has also talked about anthropology and related it with online games, which is a very interesting angle. Readers can have a clear picture of virtual culture created by online games after reading this book. Most important aspect of the book is facts and knowledge provided about real cultures of different society and their languages. Writer has mentioned the magic circle of vrtual world created by online games. “Communities of Play” is a research based book about connection between real world and virtual world.

Online Games: Game vs. Addiction


This article is about online games and addiction of these games. Reasons are explained in this article that why children and youngsters are getting addicted to them every day. According to this article online multi-player games are most famous among them. This article is informative for parents because hazards of online games which are affecting their children are mentioned. This article narrates that how students are losing their concentration from education and how these online games are affecting their health. Writer has also mentioned about the financial aspect of online games and most importantly how any computer can become insecure while playing online games when some hacker can hack and get important information from the computer. Best part of this article is where methods are suggested to parents that how can they keep an eye on their children if their children are getting addicted to online games. Theme of article is to let readers that online games are good to play but excess of everything is bad.

Factors influencing user trust in online games


“Factors influencing user trust in online games” by Yuan Gao is online article which is informative for people related to the field of marketing for online games and contains guide lines line for them. Writer of this article writes about three most important factors which affect marketing of any online game which are perception about the company, perception about the online gaming site and perception about an individual game. It is explained that trust is the most important factor too and these three previously mentioned factors are related to trust. Writer mentions that how perception of any online game company can get better and in this regard name and reputation of the company is very important to build. Secondly when it comes to the perception about online gaming site then security becomes the main concern of online players because if users are sure about the site then they can use that site for playing online games. Third most important factor regarding marketing point of view is how to give a good perception about individual game and this can be done by develop a game which can be enjoyed by players.


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