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In current condition Online advertising and marketing taking control of all other advertising medium. It’s not as much as easy because World Wide Web has huge market. So it’s really hard to survive. But obviously once you get in you can use different tips and techniques.

Through using social media website like Facebook, Youtube, MySpace online advertising is become more common. But obviously World Wide Web is a big pool and you can't survive if you don't have users on your page. That’s why most of the companies using so many techniques so user can come and visits the website.

Academic Books

Advertising and the World Wide Web


The book content divided into 4 parts, Part 1 is defining the history and theoretical foundations also Birth and early childhood as viewed in the pages of advertising age. Furthermore topic like understanding interactivity of cyberspace advertising and What current advertising are running on internet, what are the benefits of usage of mix media advertising strategies.

Part 2: is based on structure, function, and effectiveness. How internet advertising and children are interlink with each other. Moreover other topics Interactive Media will explain you the more meaningful idea about advertising’s topic which cover credibility source to the world wide web on cyber hate .

The most important topic in part 3 is Public policy issues. Which will give you the knowledge about the thing which people don’t know like Cyber-Cookies?

Cyber Cookies are the thing which can track the user what thing, what site he is using and other details…and furthermore like Advertising law and also in Part 4: Applications. In last I would like to conclude that this book is very helpful for postgraduate study. There are some very useful fact and figures tables. Which can be very useful in related to any internet research.


Schumann. And W, David. And Thorson, E (1999) Advertising and the Wolrd Wide Web. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc

Advertising on the Internet (Second Edition).


•Chapter one: Introduction
•Chapter Two: Foundation and Fundamentals
•Chapter Three: Web Advertising
•Chapter Four: Banner Advertising
•Chapter Five: Beyond the Banner
•Chapter Six: Corporate Websites
•Chapter Seven: The Future of online Shopping

Advertising on the Internet. The book contains many useful information with some facts and figure about the internet, advertising media. Starting from the chapter Foundation and fundamentals briefly describe about the internet advertising media. The fastest growing industry in the world. And a powerful medium to promote anything. Another important expects of selling or promoting a product is web advertising and Banner Advertising. In Chapter Three, or Four it is describe briefly about promoting product through using web banners.

However other chapter like corporate website have very useful information regarding corporate advertising media, what is the website. What information they have in it, how they operate. And how they are making money on internet. Chapter Seven The Future of online Shopping is a very interesting chapter because this is also a very key point, as internet is growing rapidly around the work people are moving on buying things from internet.


Armstrong, S. (2001) Advertising on the internet. Britian, Kogan Page

Online Marketing


Chapter 01: Principles and drivers of the new marketing environment
Chapter 02: Strategy and models for the virtual world
Chapter 03: Online Marketing Plan Issues
Chapter 04: Online Marketing Research
Chapter 05: Online Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 06: Search Engine Marketing
Chapter 07: Permission and Personalisation Online
Chapter 08: Web site Development, Design and Content
Chapter 09: The Online Product
Chapter 10: Pricing Issues on the Web
Chapter 11: Online Communication Tools
Chapter 12: Online Distribution and Procurement
Chapter 13: Online Marketing Legal Issues

This textbook is very helpful for postgraduate student with full of in-depth knowledge about new development in online advertising or in online marketing. The philosophy is to explore through this textbook and find out the connection between online advertising and the link between online marketing. Marketing is all about to satisfy the customer need and satisfaction.

You can find out the internet history and new marketing considerations the strategic online planning process in chapter 1, 2 or in 3. And after that chapter 4, 5 provide essential knowledge and skills relating to online marketing research and buyer behaviour. More over chapter 6, 7, 8 cover search engine marketing and online relationship marketing and website designing. Chapter 9, 10, 11 covers marketing mix and the affect and online legal issue.


GAY, R. And CHARLESWORTH, A. And Esen, R. (2007) Online Marketing. United States: Oxford

The Online Advertising Playbook

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Targeting Approaches: A unique element in online Advertising
Chapter 3: Online Advertising reach and frequency concept
Chapter 4: Wining strategies in online advertising
Chapter 5: Display Advertising: What to choose or what not to chose.
Chapter 6: The Connection of online Search and Advertising
Chapter 7: Online shopping and buying
Chapter 8: Advertising Personally: Email and word of mouth Advertising.
Chapter 9: Future


After reading this book I am far better informed on how to optimize the online channel in advertising and promotional programs.
The Book nicely ties various components of online advertising to relevant case studies. Such as Targeting approaches, Wining Strategies in online advertising, Online Shopping and buying and Email, Word of mouth advertising.

Chapter one gives you the overall review of the online advertising. Furthermore Chapter 2 is based on target market, geographical approaches, and other guidelines to target your audience.

Every chapter have different kind of learning material, like Wining Strategies will tell you about how you can successfully sell your brand, what medium you can use, and how you can communicate with your audience. And on the other hand side The book also have some learning material like Email and word of mouth advertising.


Plumer, J. And Rappaport, S. And HALL, T. And BAROCCI R. 2007 The Online Advertising Playbook. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc

The DNA of Internet Marketing


•Chapter One: Establishing your target Market
•Chapter Two: Squeeze Pages and Branding Sites
•Chapter Three: PPC Google- Yahoo-MSN
•Chapter Four: Article Marketing
•Chapter Five: Video Marketing and Podcasting
•Chapter Six: Press Releases
•Chapter Seven: Web 2.0 and Social Marketing Sites
•Chapter Eight: Outsourcing
•Chapter Nine: Marketing Resources


The book started from the target market chapter knowing exactly who our customers are, what they do and where they live, what they are looking on the internet, who they are hangout with. What age they belong to. It is more important to find out your target audience first, and then make a plan. Because you are really honing on the exact person you are marketing to.

Another chapter which is based in developing a squeeze page and branding site. Squeeze is the best way of getting information’s.
Article Marketing is also easy way of money making. But most of the time people outsource someone more skilled and efficient.
Find out what you are good at, and think about what is the best way you can make money through internet advertising and marketing then outsource the rest of it some people don't have the funds to outsource at the beginning so take this in a step by step.


Hailey, L. (2009) The Dna of Internet Marketing. Bloomington: AuthorHouse

Google advertising guerrilla tactics

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bid Strategies, impression frequency and position placement
  3. Ad Stylization Techniques
  4. Keywords Creation and Management
  5. Image Ads
  6. Ad Units and AdSense
  7. Google foreign languages and advertising regions
  8. AdWords Optimization Tools
  9. Content Network targeting and bid strategies
  10. Example of crucial Advertising Dos and Don’ts
  11. Over look Google advertising programs
  12. Tools to analysis your advertising structure
  13. Tools to modify your campaigns
  14. Adwords reports
  15. My account options


The "Google Advertising Guerrilla Tactics" is a broad guide on all aspects of Google advertising and provides over 150 killer tips and tricks for getting the most clicks at the lowest cost.

The topics covered
The Book is very helpful for Advertiser and marketers point of view, although home user which are selling and advertising there product online can also get so much information. And if you want to beat your competitor by getting more adwords click at the lowest cost then this book can do that.
The Book has 15 chapters and each chapter have different topics related to the main topic.
Like in chapter one Introduction, The part A is about Huge business potential of Google Advertising (page no.8) and onwards it will give you an idea how to do Self-service sign-up and so on.
Introduction about adwords on (page no.12), what are adwords, and what are adsense. Some tips and tricks and guidelines.
How to Get Free AdWords Coupons
The chapter have some good information and tactics about how to get free adwords and that can improve the chances of your site in high ranking.
Breaking down the quality score to get more clicks and higher ranking at less cost-per-click, Bid Tips: How to prevent and exploit them,
Vital ad stylization techniques.

Where to Find Keywords Your Competitors Will Not Think to Look
The topic will explain you what keywords are very important and how you can use in your website. After that you can get high volume of response from all around the world.
Stop wasting AdWords money and learn the guerrilla tactics you need to beat your competition.

Ways to Use Abbreviations
What is the correct way of using abbreviation, and which can give you the good results.

Best Image Ad Sizes
Image Size of and advert is the most important thing, the topic is all about how to compress an image and what sizes are important and where you have to place. What are the standard sizes on Google page.

Image Ad Colours that Will Wreck Your Campaign
Colours are also a very important part as in internet advertisement, this topic have all the details related to the image and colour about your campaign. Through you can highlight your product.

How to Use Froogle, Google Base, Google Book Search, Google Catalogs
Google have many other interrelated website through you can find Books, and locate where you are like Google Map, and if you wanted to find out educational stuff you can use Google Scholar.


BottleTreeBooks. (First Edition) Google Advertising Gurrila Tactics. United States, United Kingdom


BBC Website

The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. The mission statement is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.BBC established by a Royal Charter and funded by the licence fee that is paid by UK households. It is a public service broadcaster; The website is very useful for the online advertising topic, video, footages, articles, interview with real fact and figures. The data is very authentic and reliable is term of using it in studies.

Some of the video contains interview of marketing manager of big brand talking about online advertising, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking website. Online advertising is now very common and marketer believes it’s a very healthy sign. Facebook and other social networking website now also a part of online advertising. Media is growing rapidly. Technologies are changing day by day and people need to aware of these things.

The above Discussion on BBC Channel…How Facebook and other social networking website using user information and marketing, Facebook has a big advantage at Google, the members disclose huge amount of personal information this is what advertiser dream. The amount of information Facebook contain like what’s your dislike in terms of music, what you like to eat out, whom you are work for. Now advertiser knows about your like dislike, and some of the people scared about these things. Like someone is watching you all time, your activities and everything.

The Above video I would like to include The BBC report on Online Advertising with related to social media, which is very informative!

Because now it's a very common debate with related with social media website and lots of people are talking about these things.Majority believes that it's all about user.The more users on your website the more you can make for this purpose they are interlink with social media websites.

About.jpg Website

The websites have a large amount of resources and information regarding the topic online advertising. reaches 40MM average monthly unique visitors in the United States*. Eighty percent of our users come to from search engines, seeking solutions in response to moments of need.

The content of this website is keep updating as the new technology take over another, resources and content is very well defined and up to the mark, very useful information like type of online advertising, How you can compete with the market, how you can promote your brand through using online advertising medium.

More over The date gives you the idea of what are current situation in the market, what new things are up and running, Google , YouTube, and Facebook how they are using user information and selling it. And How marketer using these social website and selling their products and making money. The internet market is huge everyone is trying to get in. But it’s more important to take a right path. Well other than that contains good information for the students. And you can find out many topics related to every subject. Many type of online advertisement are going on and also new and new things are coming in, like Article marketing, Pay Per Click, Google Ads etc.

This website will be very help for Online Advertising topic. For over 14 years, has been the trusted.



1. Advertising and the World Wide Web

Schumann. And W, David. And Thorson, E (1999) Advertising and the Wolrd Wide Web. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc

2. Advertising on the Internet (Second Edition)

Armstrong, S. (2001) Advertising on the internet. Britian, Kogan Page

3. Online Marketing

GAY, R. And CHARLESWORTH, A. And Esen, R. (2007) Online Marketing. United States: Oxford

4. The Online Advertising Playbook

Plumer, J. And Rappaport, S. And HALL, T. And BAROCCI R. 2007 The Online Advertising Playbook. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc

5. The DNA of Internet Marketing

Hailey, L. (2009) The Dna of Internet Marketing. Bloomington: AuthorHouse

6. Google advertising guerrilla tactics

BottleTreeBooks. (First Edition) Google Advertising Gurrila Tactics. United States, United Kingdom


BBC Website
About.jpg Website


The internet has turn out to be an ongoing rising resource that tends to expand more and more. The expansion of this particular media grabs the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumer.
World Wide Web advertising begins in 1994 according to the (Schumann, Thorson, 1999. p.5).and another author also believes that the first advert appeared online in 1994 (Richard Gay, 2007, p.393)

Timeline of online advertising
1995: AT&T, Saturn, Time and Proctor & Gamble large corporations and begin investing in both their own websites and online advertising.
1997: The Internet gains broad commercial acceptance as a sales medium. Businesses flock to the Web to create e-commerce sites, and content sites (usually online versions of newspapers or magazines) offer advertising space. As advertising begins to saturate the Web, marketers try new tactics to gain attention. By the end of 1997, pop-up and pop-under ads became common.
1999: Online spending reaches nearly $1 billion in the second quarter. Businesses fight for face time with customers on the exploding Internet.
2001: The "dot-com crash" leads to a sharp decline in online advertising spending.
2002: Google introduces its AdWords program, which will lead the text-based advertising movement.
2004: A decade after the first online ads appeared, spending on Web advertising reaches nearly $9.6 billion.
2009: Businesses move their advertising efforts into new areas by making wide use of social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Moreover online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web. Basic aim to satisfy the customer need when and where ever he wants something, it should be accessible too.

According to Bottle Tree Books Google is the best top and widely used search engine in the world.” Neilsen/Net Rating recently disclosed that Google accounts for over 45% of all US Internet searches. Google states that its network reaches 80% of all internet users. It gains 60 million unique viewers per month with over 200 million searchers p/h, 140 thousand searches each minute or over 2000 searcher every second by people and business hungry to buy your product and services” (Bottle Tree Books, 2006, p.8) “
And Yahoo, MSN dominate online ad hosting with 51% of the market (Nielsen/NetRatings 2003) (Gay, Charlesworth, Ese, 2007, p.396)

Online Communication Tools:

Pay per Click: is an Internet advertising used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the hosting service when the ad is clicked.

Article Marketing: is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are often syndicated by other websites, and published on multiple websites.

Video Marketing: similar to a banner ad, except that instead of a static or animated image, actual moving video clips are displayed. This is the kind of advertising most prominent in television, and many advertisers will use the same clips for both television and online advertising.
Web 2.0 and Social Marketing Sites: Becoming a big craze and its gives another way of driving traffic to your site. Big social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, taking the internet by storm.
Millions of people are every day visiting these website and updating , or connecting with friends and family members.

E-mail advertising: Legitimate Email advertising or E-mail marketing is often known as "opt-in e-mail advertising" to distinguish it from spam.

Floating ad: An ad which moves across the user's screen or floats above the content.

Expanding ad: An ad which changes size and which may alter the contents of the webpage.

Polite ad: A method by which a large ad will be downloaded in smaller pieces to minimize the disruption of the content being viewed

Wallpaper ad: An ad which changes the background of the page being viewed.

Trick banner: A banner ad that looks like a dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error message or an alert.

Pop-up: A new window which opens in front of the current one, displaying an advertisement, or entire webpage.

Pop-under: Similar to a Pop-Up except that the window is loaded or sent behind the current window so that the user does not see it until they close one or more active windows.

Map ad: text or graphics linked from, and appearing in or over, a location on an electronic map such as on Google Maps.

Mobile ad: an SMS text or multi-media message sent to a cell phone.

Interstitial ad: a full-page ad that appears before a user reaches their original destination.
In addition, ads containing streaming video or streaming audio are becoming very popular with advertisers.

Advantages of Online Advertising and Marketing for consumer
The greatest advantage to consumer is the ability to interact directly with business and also can choose the right product according to the choice. Furthermore Schumann, Thorson also describe that the interactivity can facilitate information flow, but some time direct communication bring up most significant disadvantage to the consumer in the sense of privacy.

Wider Coverage: The most significant advantage is Wider Coverage that gives your ads a wider coverage and this globally wider coverage helps in making your advertisements reach more audiences, which may ultimately help you in getting better results.

Targeted Audiences: Online advertising gives you 100% result for reaching target audience, because you can place or promote your add according to the target audience interest pages. Like for example if you are book publishing company you can place your add on educational website. And it’s give you more profitable outcomes.

Speed: Online advertising is much faster than offline advertising and you can start sending out your ads to a wider audience, the moment you start your advertising campaign.

Informative: In online advertising, the advertiser is able to convey more details about the advertisement to the audience and that too at relatively low cost. Most of the online advertising campaigns are composed of a clickable link to a specific landing page, where users get more information about the product mentioned in the ad.

Flexible Payment: Payment flexibility is another added advantage of online advertising and marketing. In offline advertising you need to pay the full amount to the advertising agency irrespective of the results. But in online advertising there is the flexibility of paying for only qualified leads, clicks or impressions.

Easy Audience Engagement: Online advertisement makes is easy for the audience to engage with your ads or products. As an advertiser we would be able to get more feedback from the audience and thereby improve the quality of our ads going forward.

Better Branding: any form of advertising helps in improving the branding and online advertising stands a notch high in improving the branding of your company, service or product.


Finally the conclusion of the essay is that the online advertising and marketing have advantages and disadvantages for the advertiser and as well consumer, But on the other hand side it is clearly moving us towards new technology with different strategies for communicating each other and selling goods and services. and “The web is expected to increase 1,000% within the next few years” (Schumann, Thorson, 1999. p.307).morover the big website like Google, Facebook, YouTube is the perfect example of growing online asvertising business.But on the other hand side internet user also woried about the security issue.Like putting there every single details on internet.It is very help full for the advertisier point of view becoause they can easily get to know what you want , what you like, Dislike, What music you listen and so many things.becuase of these thing they can easily target you.

But Online Advertising and Marketing is growing rapidly.and it will grow in comming years as well.


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