the history and development of Internet

Key milestones

{{In 1969, in order to guarantee the communication during an outbreak of nuclear war , U.S. defense advanced research programme (ARPA ) helped establish the first packet-switched test net of the world , called ARPANET , connecting four university of the United States.

In 1985, to encourage universities and research institutions sharing their very expensive four mainframe computers , the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) hoped that through the computer network, joined up computers with these huge computers. At last , they decided to establish NSFNET by using a newsletter agreement, which was called TCP/IP and developed from ARPANET.

In 1989, World Wide Web was developed by CERN, it marked a new era of computer network's development.

Before the 1990s, the use of Internet has been confined to research and academic fields. Commercial agencies into the Internet has been under this or that kind of regulations or traditional problems. In fact, as the national science foundation and once the government agencies funded to build the Internet. The aim is not only interested in commercial activities. In 1991, three American companies running their own CERFnet, PSInet and Alternet network, to a certain extent to provide Internet networking services. They formed the commercial Internet association (CIEA), announced that users can use their Internet subnet used for any commercial purpose}}.

The developing power

{{The ability of information processing of Netizen is the developing power of Internet.

The popularity of personal computers set the stage for the development of Web. When Web appeared first, all kinds of websites have sprouted emerging on the network. In 1995, Yahoo was listed on Wall Street. The directory for searching information of Yahoo pointed out a new direction for Netizen of getting information in the ocean. The appearance of Yahoo promote the prosperity of integrated web sites (!). Then, in 1998, Google was found. For a few years, professional web BBS and personal website emerged in endlessly, they continuously to provide all kinds of information and services for Internet users. In 1999, Peter Merholz named Blog was high-speed developed on World Wide Web, since then, Blog became pandemics. The definition of Blog is an information webpage about personal management, contains text, images, video, audio,etc. It is a private space for Netizen on Web. The emergence of Internet blog changed the identity of Netizen qualitatively, from accessing information to providing information to Web. Internet users can release information blog, contains video, audio, text, photos, targeted to specific news information comments etc.

The ability of release information of users gradually developed, users no longer confined to release information on blog and began to express their thoughts directly in various professional website. Like, directly click comments information under News, post photos on Filckr and videos on Youtube. The massive growth of comment information also fostered Digg, Delicious, RRS subion and other new applications on the integration of information news.

We can see, Yahoo and Google promoted the growth of the ability of information access, Blog provided information released ability, Flikr and Youyube expanded the released ability. All of these innovations appeared in an orderly way in the different stages of information processing capability. But occasional innovations exists internal logics. These new applications have one thing in common, their integration object is a specific information. That means integrate and reorganize specific words, images, video and audio again, in order to be more convenient and efficient for Netizen to obtain and use.

Netizen , as information publisher, participate in the development of Internet , the growth of the users' ability of information processing bring tremendous influence to access information technology and information dissemination. The growth of users' demand is the power for the development of the Internet innovation. The application of new technology impact the traditional business model, a new business model is in the reconstruction.}}

Disadvantages of Internet

{{Although Internet is a virtual space, its convenient, quicker, flexibility and other advantages attract more and more individuals to use Internet. Its appearance changed the way people think and give users great help in life, such as, browse numerous rich books collection on line library at home; receive letters from far apart within a few seconds; know all kinds and places of information in shortest time; get more knowledge through the long-range education network offered by school. Because of these advantages, Internet has been a part of our life. But Internet do bring disadvantages to people, especially young teenagers.

The Internet is complex, its interior is full of all kinds of information, like reactionary, violence, yellow, too many things, like this kind of good and evil are mixed together, young teenagers independent ability is limited and it is hard to resist Internet remarkable attraction. According to UNESCO incomplete statistics, the number of middle school students use Internet to study for the main purpose, the United States accounted for 20 percent of total, Britain is 15 percent and China is only 2 percent. These startling contrast appropriately shows the ability of young teenagers self-control is failure to keep them away from Internet. The Internet has made many teenagers addicted to online virtual world and divorced from reality, but also make some teenagers waste studies. And it is different between the reality of social life, teenagers online to face is a virtual world. It not only meet the teenagers needs to get possession of information , also give their interpersonal contact leave a vast space for imagination, and don't assume real-life pressure and responsibility. These characteristics of the virtual world make many teenagers would rather all indulge in vain environment rather than face the real life. Meanwhile unrestrictedly surf the web will produce very big effect on daily study and life , serious even waste studies.

The bad information and Internet network crime pose a danger and threats on youth's physical and mental health and safety. At present, the harm of these negative news is focused on two points: one is some people implement crimes such as fraud or sexually assaulted ; On the other hand, the harm is garbage of yellow on the teenagers. According to an concerning expert investigation, Internet information,in not academic information on web, 47% is related with pornography, Internet make pornographic content to be more easily spread . According to not complete count, although 60 percent of teenagers is unknowingly access to online yellow information, but self-control weaker teenagers are often out of curiosity or impulse and look for further similar information, and thus coming unstuck. Investigation still shows, teenagers who were in contact with Internet pornography , more than 90 percent of sexual crime or motivation.

Then, is the security issues of Internet.

"The Internet is a huge group of worldwide resources, providing access to over 85 countries through the globe", Karen A. Forcht and Richard E. Fore III said in Security issues and concerns with the Internet. Because of the Internet is extensive, the security has been a problem.

"Every computer has their own passwords , but most, the Internet is only as strong as its weakest link, and intruders who break into one part of the rest of it".(Security issues and concerns with the Internet). If crackers know the passwords of the owner, they can use their computer or emails to do anything they want. Netizen personal information is no longer safe. To use internet safely need to contain confidentiality and use higher coefficient insurance passwords.}}


Since the beginning of Internet in 1969, the naissance and the development of Internet totally changed the tradional communication style and it has been a part of our daily life. Everything has two side. Although Internet still has obvious shortcomings, it cannot deny that Internet bring great convenience. Through the exploration and innovation of scientists, Internet can be safe and healthy.



"Security issues and concerns with the Internet "
Karen A. Forcht and Richard E.Fore III
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