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New Philosophy for New Media By Mark B. N. Hansen

Mark Hansen thinks digital art in terms that exceed the merely visual in New Philosophy for New Media. This book expanded Hansen’s vision, he separate this book in different ways in 7 chapters new media art theory, virtual reality, "digital facial image," and digital art. His was most convincing the specification in the last chapter, where how to embody the artist Douglas Gordon and bill viola open "experience sub perceptual inscriptions of temporal change (machine)." Here, painting work of nerve, he shows, art war actually body and the expansion of perceiving the rift between human usually experience, is "now". In the first place, there is a real “newness” to new media supported by Hansen in this work and it is based around the data quality of the digital image which renders it a process in exploded, bodily design rather than a traditional picture; therefore I totally aggress with the editorial review. In the second place, I am not sure about his concept of the digital facial image as devised on this work and at the same time, I am not completely sure that this is greatly way earlier. Apart from these two comments, I must say, this work is a very large and useful supplement revised and updated philosophy project, continuous related Bergson I can recommend to all new media scholar. Yet at the same time, I think Hansen is very selective as it comes to new media art. Of course, my understanding is perhaps superficial, while my understanding is not deep to the book. Overall, i am convinced that the book is quite a research value

The New Media Reader Edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Nick Montfort

This book collected text, video, and computer program - some of them now almost impossible to find — that chronicle the history and forms of emerging field based still - the new media. The New Media Reader contains most of the classic, with a short introduction to give each text, in the works of their historical background and explain their significance. This book is by computer scientists, artists, architects, literary writers, interface designers, cultural critics, and individuals work across disciplines. About the scientific papers, this may seem old technology innovation by their pace or blunt the jargon.This is equivalent to information-retrieval combination washer-dryer has just come out, a type of lectures and do what we do most of the current iMacs do everything on microfilm and stored.The texts about this book are originally published between World War II, when digital computing, cyber feedback and early concepts of hypertext and the Internet first appeared. And the concept of the emerging World Wide Web - painters they entered the mainstream of public life. The real charge of this book from the political and bluff called inclusions in the last section, titled with much bravado “Revolution, Resistance, and the Launch of the Web.” This book contains examples of the CD with early games, digital art, independent of literary effort, software to create the university, and the home - computer business software. Also on the CD is digital video, record new media programs and art cannot find work version of existence.

The Internet: An Introduction to New Media By Leila Green

Today the internet is very useful for media and communications, entertainment, politics, defence, business, banking, education and so on; it is used as a basic tool.For example, Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Flickr and many other emerging applications are changing the way we express ourselves, communicate with our friends, and even engage in global political. Many cases around the world proved that the internet concept gives a clear and up-to-date introduction to the social, cultural, technological and political worlds of this form of new media creation.It is a good beginning for readers, especially for newbie enthusiasts, Like the author has opened a door, gave the reader more information, however, put some suspense leave readers for further research.Although the digital divide problem has been discussed widely in relation to developing countries in the field of internet research, it is the most frequently cited by one of the Internet’s downfalls. Lelia choose to open the digital divide discussion in some extent, caught social inequalities in wealthy western countries, this topic, and then rekindles the third world research shows how it affected the life family living in poverty in a later chapter. This book is clearly divided into old and new media, that there is no neat, and the focus of further study. The writer asked to the Internet’s role in public places, and how it affects the daily family life. Instead, one has to do the hard work to find whether and how new media may cause or drive good, old-fashioned face-to-face human encounter this kind of lead to greater recognition and empathy in potential widely different people.

Remediation: Understanding New Media By Jay David Bolter, Richard Grusin

It uses a very structured form to explain our behavior when we are creating content for new media. By taking some technologies for example, such as computer games, digital photography, film television, the Web and virtual reality, we’ll find that they all turn on the wonderful tactics of being made immediacy and making users hyperaware of media themselves. The authors set such a theory what is "virtual" and "networked" human subject to express the contemporary selfhood. This book is primarily toward normal readers, students and scholars. Fortunately, the book is not full of the theoretical discussions, it's easier to make the book understood. So, even someone who doesn't delve too deeply into theory can understand it. There are three parts, the first one is discussing the theory of remediation, the second one is talking about the place of new media in American society and the last one is the place of the Self within the context of new media. We always talk about the now medias in such parts: computer games, digital photography, photorealistic graphics, digital are, film, Virtual Reality, mediated spaces, television and the World Wide Web. All in all, the book shows many interesting theories to us. And this is a new start for us who wants to consider the implications of using this technology and thereby becoming complicit in the culture's striving for immediacy and hypermediacy in our interactions with technology. Our old styles of teaching would be remediated by the efforts of those implications and we believe the new form will inevitably appear.

Digital Material: Tracing New Media in Everyday Life and Technology

Digital culture is the one that adapt to the changing of times. It is proposed by Jos de Mul which was inspired by Walter Benjamin. Walter Benjamin made a distinction from the traditional arts and the mechanical reproduction. He analysed that they have conflict characters about the worship of value. However, digital media neither praise the value of display nor the value of worship, but the operational value. Nowadays, the artists should be professional with softwares if as what Joe de Mul predicted and they will know how the applications of all databases. They should be the operators behind. Because Jos de Mul held the idea that mechanical reproduction age was gone and comes with the age of digital media. New media culture brings up new digital ages but following are the comments and several of academic speech and lectures, at the same time, come the questions and problems we need to face. Where do we stand? If we take all new media for granted then which new questions will be emerging and what problems are still need to be solved? Should we wonder that digital culture will take “you”, the participant, into the main consideration? If all of us indeed understand digital machinery and exactly know how it affect our everyday life and technology?
More contributors will be devolved themselves into teaching and researching for the new media and digital culture; then make efforts to adapt to the new digital materials. A digital-materialist age may come up because the contributors have shown us the current research in this new media field.



Google search is created by two Stanford university's neo-confucianism doctoral Larry page and Sergey brin in 1996, They developed a relationship between on site to make precise analysis in the search engines, the search engine accuracy is better than when used basic search technology. The project was called BackRub at that time, because the system can check backlinks (reverse link), to assess the importance of the site. Google search engine is famous for its clean page design and the most relevant search results.Google initially called "BackRub". page called this project “BackRub” when he at Stamford and because they made a spelling mistake born Google .Company product Google is the world's most popular search engine, use a kind of a made-up called using PageRank? (page level) technology to the index page, index is “Googlebot” execution by program, it will periodically request access to a new copy of known web. The quicker the Page updated the more visitor will visit Googlebot.
Google Web API (Network application programming interface or network services) is Google for registration of the developers of public interface. Using the public interface Object Access Protocol (SOAP studies, Simple Object Access Protocol), programmers can be based on the Google search results develop search services and data mining. Similarly, net insect are also can Access to page caching and then proposed.
April 1st, 2004 April fool's day, Google announced the launch of 1GB space E-mail service, Gmail on April 1, the increase to more than 2GB , and increased multi-language entrance and rich text editing functions. This email will use advertising message to scan service display specific ads to profit.


Wiki is a HYPERTEXT system which open online and collaborative for many people is design by Ward Cunningham in 1995, at the same time; it also contains a group of auxiliary tool to support composition. The Wiki contriver is a Smalltalk programmer. The word Wiki from a word in the Hawaiian language “wee kee wee kee”, pronounce wiki. Originally is the meaning of "hurry up". Wiki may have many maintenance, and everyone can express their own opinions, or to be extend and discussion on the common theme. Some one argue that wiki belongs a system called human knowledge grid system, we can browse, set up, rejigger the Wiki text in the Web foundation, and that the price of set up, rejigger, releasing is far smaller than HTML text. Meanwhile, The Wiki system still favors the cooperation type of facing to the community writing, provide a necessary help for the cooperation type writing. At last, the writers of Wiki constitute a community, Wiki system for the community to provide simple communication tool. Compared with other hypertext systems, Wiki has the characteristics of easy to use and open, so the Wiki system can help a community to share in a certain field of knowledge. Wiki is that anyone can edit pages. Normal display of each page has an edit button below, click on this button you can edit the page. Most of the wiki to provide at least a title search, and sometimes provide a full-text search. Search scalability depends on whether wiki engines use a database. For example some use flat file. The first version of Media Wiki used in flat files, but it is rewritten Lidannier Crocker`s database application in the beginning of this century. Index database is necessary for high-speed access to Encyclopedia Search. In addition, External search engines such as Google search can sometimes be limited for the wiki search function in order to obtain more precise results.


Twitter is a social network and micro blogging service website. It uses the wireless network, wired network, communication technology; it is a typical micro-blog application. It allows users sent the latest developments and ideas in the form of text messages to cell phones and personalized Web site group, rather than sent to individuals. Blog technology pioneer blogger.com founder Evan Williams founds emerging company Obvious has promoted the big scarf service in 2006. About the name of twitter, Twitter is a chirp, founder think birds is short, frequency, fast, accord with the connotation of the site, so chose for Twitter website names.
Twitter is a miniature blog site, users can in this text messages posted on the website, and each must not exceed 140 words. You can post in others, others also can tell you, which is similar to Facebook's status update service, but it is open to everyone. Most Twitter users like simple text blog page, but brought together, there will be a power. Twitter is one chats (IRC) by the description based on the Web relaying the client side.and the number of users reach 500,000,000 compare with Face book, Twitter is also only not worthy of mentioning, but it is actually entirely different with Face book. Twitter is the blog preliminary stage . . If you do not use a computer or not browsing the web, Twitter service still can work for you. Once you've registered, you can by phone or IM account with Twitter link.
Twitter has been assessed one of the most popular applications. Twitter develops with steady steps by 1382% percentages, and Zimbio only 240% growth rate, followed by 228% monthly rate based on the development of Facebook.


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